Journal Entry Activity Report

The Journal Entry Activity Report displays a record of journal entries, which you can preview in journal entry sequence or by cross-reference to the G/L account codes.

After you preview the report, the Journal Entry Activity Update opens. Click Continue to update the journal entries to the General Ledger.

Note: We recommend that you run the Recurring Journal Entry Update before running this report.

If applicable, the Journal Entry Activity Report includes work order details. With the ability to attach a work order number to a journal entry detail line, it is possible to accrue actual miscellaneous costs to a specific work order.

This screen allows use of a variable display mask and will display 13 numbers up to 9999999999999. Instead of seeing a string of asterisks (*) on the report, you can read extremely large figures. Thus, total lines for large reports displaying across multiple periods are easier to read.

Additionally, this update posts the job/phase/cost type or the equipment code/category to the G/L detail file. The operator ID of the person who runs the update will also be recorded. These fields will display on the Journal Entry History Report.

Journal Entry Activity Report by G/L Account Code - Sample Report

Journal Entry Activity Report by JE # Sequence - Sample Report