New/Edit Journal Entry - Field Descriptions

Use the table below for reference when completing the fields on this screen.




Transaction date

The current G/L processing date displays. Click the lookup icon to view the fiscal calendar.

Fiscal year Period

The fiscal year and period associated with the transaction date display.

Current period start Current period end

The current period start and end dates associated with the transaction display.


Journal #

If a journal entry is being added, the Journal # is automatically assigned after the Journal date. Spectrum auto sequences journal entry numbers commencing with 1 each period. If a journal entry is being edited, the Journal # will display in this field. Click the lookup icon to view the Journal Entry Log.


The General Ledger account code description displays. No entry is allowed.

Reverse? Reverse date

Select this check box to reverse this journal entry in another fiscal period. This feature allows convenient entry of timing journal entries that are recorded in one period, but then reversed in another.

It is a good idea to update reversals as soon as they are entered using Journal Entry Report and Update. During the update of the initial journal entry, the reversing entry is added to this screen. It is then necessary to preview and update the reversing entry, again using Journal Entry Report and Update.

Enter the date that you want to reverse this journal entry to. This date may be an earlier or later period, but must fall within the defined General Ledger minimum/maximum range.


Enter any additional information regarding the journal entry. This field accommodates up to 250 alpha-numeric characters. The text entered in this field displays on the Journal Entry Activity Report and is included in the Journal Entry Update. If a journal entry is reversed, these remarks are associated with the reversal file, as well.


  • Debit

  • Credit

  • Balance

The debit, credit and balance totals display. The balance is the absolute value of the difference between the total debit and credit amounts.