G/L Monthly Balances - Cost Center Information

If the cost center feature is enabled in the Enterprise Installation screen, the Cost group field is available. When a cost group or cost center is specified, then the screen will show only G/L account balances assigned to that cost group/cost center. Spectrum also builds monthly balances for cost centers included in the specified group. Spectrum verifies your operator has permission to access that cost group before proceeding. If you select to display ALL cost centers for a specified account, Spectrum shows account balances by period for all cost centers your operator is authorized to view.

In addition, Spectrum will display account balances only if your operator has permission to access the cost center assigned to the G/L transaction by comparing the cost center assigned in the G/L transaction detail with cost centers in your operator's assigned scheme. If the transaction cost center is not included, then that balance amount will not display on the inquiry screen.