G/L Monthly Balances - Field Descriptions

Use the table below for reference when completing the fields on this screen.



Fiscal year

The four-digit fiscal year defaults based on the current G/L processing date. You can select or enter a new valid 4-digit year.

G/L account

Enter or search for the General Ledger account code.

If cost centers are set to Yes for the current company, Spectrum verifies that you have security authorization to the G/L account code.

Account type

The type of account for the selected G/L account displays. Valid account types are:

  • Asset

  • Capital

  • Expense

  • Income

  • Liability

  • Statistic


Beginning balance

The beginning balance amount for the selected fiscal year displays.


The months comprising this fiscal period display along with the associated period balances.

For income or expense accounts, the balance represents the additional income (or expense) accrued during the period.

For assets, liabilities and capital accounts, it represents the change in balance during the period.


The total of the fiscal period balances displays as the yearly account balance.