Selections, Detail

Use this window to filter results in the G/L Detail Analysis Inquiry screen. Click the Save Current button on the Info Bar to save this filter for future use.




Customer Equipment Job Vendor Work order C/M account G/L department

Enter the customer code, equipment code, job code, vendor code, work order code, Cash Management account code, and G/L department code, or press Enter in these fields to display ALL items on the inquiry.

Note: If the cost center feature is enabled in the Enterprise Installation screen, the Cost group field will display in this section. When a cost group or cost center is specified, the screen shows only G/L analysis detail assigned to that cost group/cost center. Spectrum will verify that your operator has permission to access that cost center before proceeding. Spectrum compares the cost center assigned in the G/L transaction detail with cost centers in your operator's assigned scheme; if the transaction cost center is not included, then that transaction is not shown on the screen.

Direct cost

Direct cost

Select which direct cost settings to include in the inquiry:

  • Non-direct cost

  • Job cost

  • Equipment cost

  • Work order cost

G/L account status

G/L account status

Select which G/L account status settings to include in the inquiry:

  • Active

  • Inactive

  • Not used

'Partial code' columns

Partial G/L account #1 Partial G/L account #2 Partial cost center code

Use this section to define the length of G/L account codes and cost center codes on the grid.

  • If the length is only one character, then the starting and ending positions are both "1".

  • If the G/L code length is three characters, then the starting position is "1" and the ending position is "3".



Select the source of the transactions to be included on the inquiry:

  • A/P invoices

  • A/P payments

  • A/R invoices

  • Cash management

  • Cash receipts

  • Equipment transactions

  • Fixed assets

  • Human resources

  • Inventory transactions

  • Job cost transactions

  • Journal entries

  • Order processing invoices

  • Payroll

  • Service contract