Design Financial Reports - Crystal Report Field Descriptions

Use the table below for reference when completing the fields for Crystal Report format.



Main Properties

Include page footers?

  • Select to print footers at the bottom of the report.

  • If you select this check box, the Page Footer button displays. Click it to open the Financial Report Page Footer window.

Departmental reporting?

Select this check box if this is a departmental report. The Department start and end position fields become available. If you select the Cost Center Reporting check box, this box will be grayed out.

When a departmental financial report is produced, the G/L account description shown on the report is associated with the G/L code of the last department included.

Department start/end position

When defining departmental reports, determine the position of the departmental code within G/L account codes.

The length of the department code is defined on the General Ledger Installation - Properties screen.

  • If the length is only one character, then the starting and ending positions are both "1".

  • If the department code length is three characters, then the starting position is "1" and the ending position is "3".

This function may still be used in a company with no department codes. If you still want a report based on the final two digits of the account code, determine the position within the account code of these two digits.

For four-digit accounts, the start position is "3" and the end position is "4".

Cost center reporting?

View cost center information.