Financial Report Page Footer

Click the Page Footer button in the Design Financial Reports screen to open this window and specify footers at the bottom of the financial report.

There are two lines available for printing footers; each line may contain up to one hundred characters, depending on the column width selected for the report.

Footer text can be either on line one or two and in any column, as long as the text does not exceed the maximum column width or overlap previous footer text.

Since the entry screen permits entry of only 50 characters at a time, but footers will print up to 100 characters, four lines are provided in the application to accommodate the report's two lines of footer text.



RowFor each footer line, enter either 1 or 2 to indicate the number of the line on the report where the footer is to print.
ColumnFor each footer line, enter the number of the column, from one to the maximum column width, in which the first letter of the first word, (or next word, in the case of long footers) will appear.
TextEnter the footer text.