Edit G/L Budget

Use the Edit G/L Budget window to create budget amounts for each period within the current G/L processing fiscal year, or to make changes to existing jobs.

As entries are completed, the data will display on the G/L Budget File Maintenance starting screen.

Note: Any credit balance account entries (for example, revenue/income accounts) must be entered as negative numbers.




Spectrum maintains unlimited years of active data. The year associated with the current General Ledger processing date defaults.


The dollar total of the monthly budgets displays as a yearly account budget.

G/L account


Enter the General Ledger account code that you want budget information for.

Inactive or Not used status:

If the G/L account code status is set to Inactive or Not used, you can still enter data. This is useful if you want to set up accounts that won't be used until the next year, or if the data is used for statistics or future budgets


The General Ledger account description displays.


The type of account displays. It can be Assets, Liability, Capital, Income, Expense, or Statistic.

Cost center

If the cost center feature is enabled in the Enterprise Installation screen, the Edit G/L Budget or New G/L Budget window displays cost centers that are authorized for the selected account. When adding, editing, viewing, or deleting a budget entry for an account, Spectrum compares the account's list of shared cost centers with cost centers in the operator's assigned scheme. If there are no common cost centers, then cost center information will not display in this window.


  • The months are displayed based on entries made in the General Ledger Installation - Properties screen. If period 1 is "July" in the company, it will appear as the first month of entry.

  • If a budget is being created, enter the budget amount for each month (periods 1-13).

  • To enter a negative amount in any of the fields in this section, insert a dash (-) after the budget amount.

  • If a budget is being changed, move through the correct fields by pressing Enter. When the cursor is in the field of the amount to be changed, enter the new amount and press Enter.