G/L Master File Maintenance - Cost Center Information

If your company is using cost centers, the Cost Center Sharing tab provides a checkbox to indicate whether the account is available for all cost centers or for a specified list.

When a new account is added, the operator may assign any active cost centers, including ones that the operator will not be authorized for future access.

When editing, viewing or deleting an account, Spectrum compares the account's list of shared cost centers with cost centers in the operator's assigned scheme, and if there are no common cost centers, then that G/L account code is not shown. Disallowed G/L accounts are also not displayed in the list box on the main screen.

Throughout the software, the Search G/L Accounts window displays only accounts associated with cost centers that the operator is authorized to access. In cases where multiple operator overrides may apply to the cost center entered, all G/L accounts display. This is because the operator’s standard scheme may not apply, but Spectrum does not know which override will apply until a G/L account is selected to determine the work-in-progress flag.