Changing the Fiscal Calendar to a Short Year

Learn how to change the current year to a short year on the fiscal calendar.

Important: If you have existing transactions after the start date of the new year, contact the Special Projects Group for assistance.
  1. On the Menu System screen, click General Ledger > Utilities > Fiscal Calendar Reset.
  2. On the Fiscal Calendar Reset screen, select the fiscal year that you want to modify and click Edit.
  3. Change the number of periods to a short year (less than 12), and click OK.
  4. Click Update and then Preview the report.
  5. In the Confirm Update window, select Yes, proceed with update to finalize your changes.

    The next fiscal year can now be added in the Fiscal Calendar Maintenance screen.

    Spectrum will enter the next available calendar period when adding a new year. You will have to modify the period labels and end dates when adding the year.