G/L Detail Transaction Purge

The G/L Detail Transaction Purge screen removes all General Ledger transaction detail and balance file records for the specified fiscal year. Unposted journal entries will not be purged. Transactions from all sources (listed below) will be purged. After the purge, General Ledger detail and balances will be gone.

Preview all necessary financial reports and G/L Trial Balance Reports before proceeding. A purge report will be provided. After previewing it, you will be prompted for confirmation before the transactions shown on the report are permanently purged.

Warning: Do not purge the detail until all transactions have been posted to the fiscal period and the detail is no longer required. Performing this purge is discouraged unless space on the software is severely limited.


  • Accounts payable invoices

  • Cash management (bank)

  • Cash disbursements

  • Equipment transactions

  • Fixed assets

  • Accounts receivable invoices

  • Journal entries

  • Order processing

  • Payroll

  • Cash receipts

  • Inventory transactions

  • Job cost transactions

  • Human resources

  • Service contract

Most users retain full G/L detail for the fiscal calendar.