Daily Procedures

Learn about the Daily Procedures.

  • Whenever General Ledger (or any of the applications) is run, set the processing date using G/L Processing Date Change. This is an important step, because if the processing date is not changed, the software will default to, and operate under, today's processing date, which may not be correct. To clarify, the processing date is set to automatically advance each day, within the minimum and maximum date range. If someone enters a different processing date manually in order to run a report (for example, for a previous month), the date will remain unchanged when other users log in unless the date is manually reset to today’s date; otherwise the date will automatically reset the next day when someone logs into the same company, provided the maximum processing date is later than the current date.

    Note: The automatic date advance feature is disabled if your server/host clock is not working properly. On your toolbar, click Help and select About Spectrum to see the current server time and date.
  • Journal Entry may be used daily (or as often as needed) to enter and change journal entries.

  • Use Journal Entry Activity Report and Update whenever journal entries are made. You can run the Journal Entry History to obtain a copy of a past Journal Entry.

  • When data entry is completed for the day, make a backup.