One-sided Journal Entry

Perform the following steps to correct an out-of balance General Ledger:

  1. Is the General Ledger out-of-balance?
    Print the Monthly Activity Balance File Report. If the General Ledger is in balance, the total line at the end of the report will be zero for every month. Any month with an amount other than zero is out-of-balance.
  2. Find the cause.
    This can be done by reviewing posting reports for the period, such as the Payroll G/L Summary and the A/P Invoice Transaction Register. Alternately, the G/L Transaction Journal can be printed for the month to help determine the source of the error; if printed one-source-at-a-time, this report can help to isolate the module that created the problem.
  3. Debit or Credit?
    If the Monthly Activity Balance File Report shows a negative figure, a debit is required; if it is positive, a credit will be needed to put General Ledger back into balance.
  4. Fix the problem.
    Use One-Sided Journal Entry found on the General Ledger Error Recover Functions menu. When this has finished, the software will automatically provide the Journal Entry Activity Report and Update screens.
    Note: Please do not attempt to run this option without the assistance of the Viewpoint support staff.
  5. Check your work.
    Reprint the Monthly Activity Balance File Report to confirm that your efforts were successful.