Procedures As Required

Learn about the procedures as required.

  • After General Ledger Installation, the G/L Department File Maintenance and G/L Master File Maintenance screens are used only when additions or changes are made to the department and General Ledger account codes. The G/L Department File Listing and Chart of Accounts Listing may be printed at any time.

  • Use G/L Budget File Maintenance to enter budget information. Print a Budget File Report and compare budget information entered with actual information.

  • Fiscal Calendar Print shows the current fiscal calendar and all period ending dates.

  • The G/L Detail Analysis Inquiry and G/L Inquiry / Itemization summarize activity for selected accounts, and they offer a convenient drill-down display. This information can also be printed using the G/L Trial Balance Report, G/L Transaction Report, and Journal Entry History Report.

  • G/L Monthly Activity Balance Inquiry summarizes beginning balances for any General Ledger account for each fiscal period within a year. This information can also be printed using the Monthly Activity Balance File Report.

  • When transaction detail for a specific fiscal period is no longer necessary for daily operations, use G/L Transaction Detail Purge to remove transaction detail from storage, which will make disk space available again. It is very important to save the document of transaction detail for audit purposes and possible future reference. Use of this function would normally be needed only if space is severely limited on the computer system.

  • Periodically, according to the needs of the company, use Processing Date Change to set minimum and maximum processing dates.