Setting Up a Consolidation Company

To produce consolidated financial reports, first set up a consolidation company into which data from the separate companies/divisions can be gathered.

Any number of previously established companies/divisions can be grouped into the consolidation company using Consolidated Financials Control in the General Ledger Maintenance list.

  1. Add the company following the procedures specified in the Security manual.
  2. Once the consolidation company has been added, the company must be installed. Follow the Company Installation instructions, making sure that only the General Ledger module is installed. All other modules must be unchecked.
  3. Once the consolidation company has been defined and installed, the General Ledger Installation screen must be completed for the consolidation company.

    You must set up a chart of accounts for the consolidation company.

  4. Once all of these procedures have been completed, complete the Consolidated Financials Control screen.