G/L Detail Activity Report - Field Descriptions

Use the table below for reference when completing the fields on this screen.



G/L account

Enter the G/L account number you want to view. Click the drop-down arrow to open the Search G/L Accounts window.


Enter the Department you want to view. Click the drop-down arrow to open the Search G/L Departments window.

Fiscal year

Press Enter to accept this fiscal year or click on the date calculator to select the calculation method.

From fiscal period

Enter the first fiscal period to be included on this report, or press Enter to begin with the current fiscal period based on the current General Ledger processing date.

To fiscal period

Enter the last fiscal period (1-13) of the selected fiscal year to be included, or press Enter to accept the software default.

Direct cost

Select the direct cost types to include on the report:

  • Non-direct cost

  • Job cost

  • Equipment cost

  • Work order cost


Select the source of the transactions to be included on the report. Click the buttons at the bottom of this section to select or clear all checkboxes.

  • A/P invoices

  • A/P payments

  • A/R invoices

  • Cash management

  • Cash receipts

  • Equipment transactions

  • Fixed assets

  • Human resources

  • Inventory transactions

  • Job cost transactions

  • Journal entries

  • Order processing invoices

  • Payroll

  • Purchase order packing lists

  • Service contract