Print Financial Reports - Cost Center Information

If the cost center feature is enabled in the Enterprise Installation screen, a Cost group field is included on this screen for each report sequence requested. When a cost group or cost center is specified, then the report will show only G/L account balances assigned to that cost group/cost center.

When Enterprise Installation option for cost centers is set to Yes in this company and the Cost center report check box is selected on the Design Financial Reports screen, Spectrum selects transactions based on the cost group specified on the starting screen.

If you select a cost center for a report sequence, Spectrum will verify that you have permission to access that cost center before proceeding. Spectrum will include G/L account balances on the financial report only if your operator has permission to access the cost center assigned to the G/L transaction. Spectrum compares the cost center assigned in the G/L transaction detail with cost centers in your assigned scheme, and if the transaction cost center is not included, the balance amount is not included on the report.