Set up a Cash Flow Statement

Use the Design Financial Reports screen to set up and edit your Cash Flow Statement report.

Full validation of any new Cash Flow Statement requires comparison to a trusted version of one which exists outside the Spectrum application. If you have questions about creating or validating your new report, please consult your CPA.
Note: Creating a new report can be made easier if you happen to already have among your reports one which is similar to the report you are creating. If you find one, use it as a starting point as indicated in the steps below.
Creating your own Cash Flow Statement is a three-part process, and each part requires a few steps of their own. The main parts are:
  • Create the report heading.
  • Define the report output by grouping rows according to your existing Chart of Accounts.
    Tip: Consider using this worksheet, being sure to note if you need to include or exclude certain codes in a specific range.
  • Define the report columns.

These steps include all parts. To set up a new Cash Flow Statement:

  1. Go to General Ledger > Maintenance > Design Financial Reports.
  2. (Optional) If you're using an existing report as a starting point:
    1. Click Copy.
    2. Enter the two-character ID of the report you wish to copy.
    3. Enter a new, unique two-character ID.
    4. Name the new report and click OK.
    5. In the Report ID field, enter the new report's two-character ID and press Enter or Tab.
      Skip to Step 4.
  3. In the Report ID field, enter a new unique two-character ID and press Enter or Tab.
  4. Under Format, click Change Report and choose a report format:
    • Financial Report - Cash Flow
    • Financial Report - Cash Flow Fiscal
  5. As appropriate, select any other checkboxes. If needed, refer to the Design Financial Reports - Field Descriptions.
    The first part - the report heading - is now complete.
  6. Click Save.
  7. In the Command Bar, select Rows.
    A new window displays your GL accounts in a grid. The second part starts now.
  8. Enter the Report ID you chose when setting up the report heading.
  9. Press Enter or Tab.
  10. Use the cells in the Start account and End account columns to define the ranges of accounts based on your GL Chart of Accounts.
    Note: Click on a row to activate it.
  11. To insert a new row:
    • Identify and select a neighboring row.
    • Click the Insert button.
    • Choose the appropriate row type.
  12. As appropriate, edit other cells. If needed, refer to Define Financial Report Rows - Field Descriptions.
    The second part - defining the report rows - is now complete.
  13. Click Save.
  14. In the Command Bar, select Columns.
  15. Enter the Report ID you chose when setting up the report heading.
  16. Press Enter or Tab.
    A new window displays the report columns. The third part starts now.
  17. As appropriate, edit the cells. If needed, refer to Define Financial Report Columns - Field Descriptions.
    The third part - defining the report columns - is now complete.
  18. Click Save and close the report designer.
Generate a Statement of Cash Flow report. See Print Financial Reports.
Important: Validate the accuracy and completeness of your new report by comparing it to a trusted Cash Flow Statement prepared using your Spectrum data but prepared outside Spectrum.