Assign New G/L Code

This window displays when you click New on the Change G/L Account Codes screen.

In addition to changing codes, you can merge two or more existing General Ledger account codes into a single new code. If a new G/L account code has been assigned to an existing code that is being changed, you can still use the new G/L account code.

For information on G/L code tables, see the Change G/L Account Codes Update topic.



Old Code

Enter the existing General Ledger code you wish to change, or press F4 to display the Search G/L Accounts window for a list of valid codes. You may also switch to Change mode. Spectrum verifies that the old code exists in the current company and has not been entered in the Change G/L Account Codes screen.

New Code

Enter the new General Ledger account code that you wish to change the existing code to.

The new code can be the same as previously entered new codes that have not been updated. This allows you to combine multiple existing account codes into a single new code (for example, Phone Expense from departments 02, 03, 04, and 05).

A new G/L code can be a different length of characters than the current account code mask specified in the General Ledger Installation - Properties. This allows you to expand or contract the overall account code length (for example, from 8 down to 5 digits or from 4 up to 6 digits).

Note: The account code mask should normally not be altered after initial installation.