Change G/L Account Codes Update

Important: No one should be in Spectrum at the time of the update. Also, all postings to G/L for each module should be completed before running this update.

The G/L Code Change Update screen is used to update the General Ledger code change information entered in G/L Code Change Maintenance. You should obtain a printout of all existing General Ledger codes and have an accurate data backup before performing this update.

This update will perform code changes throughout the system. It is a productivity tool to assist you in making code changes on a wide scale. Be advised that any custom files, pre-release and new files, and non-updated data files may not have been included in this automated process. Therefore, confirm that updates have been performed prior to using this feature. Review records carefully, including installation pages, immediately following completion of the program.

Note: If two or more G/L codes have been assigned the same new code in Change G/L Account Codes, then these codes will merge during the update.
Important: Once the update is complete, it may be necessary for you to also update installation and maintenance settings, because the G/L Code Change Update function generally does not reset installation screen G/L account codes.