Recreate Budget from Spreadsheet - Field Descriptions

Use the table below for reference when completing the fields on this screen.



Enter the budget year

Enter the fiscal year for which you wish to recreate your budget (for example, enter 2020 to recreate the 2020 fiscal budget), or click the drop-down arrow to make your selection.

Import file and path

This screen allows you to enter any import file name and path, but the file type must be .PRN. The file path may be up to 80 characters long.

In order to change where the import is processed, you must change the External File Processing setting in the Company Installation screen. This feature allows external files to be read from and written to the local workstation, rather than the server, so you no longer need to know how to map to the server. By default, the Process on server option is selected. If you choose the Process locally option or the Server is local option, the Windows dialog box for opening and saving files is available to enter file names. The Server is local option may be selected if the software is installed on a stand-alone PC.