Reset Fiscal Calendar

Use this screen to make changes to the current company's fiscal calendar. Spectrum records the operator ID of the user who revised the calendar. This screen initially displays with the current fiscal year highlighted (based on the current G/L processing date).

Important: Please contact Viewpoint's Support Department before proceeding with this update. This update should never be performed while others are logged on to the software.
Note: The Fiscal Calendar change log table GL_FISCAL_CALENDAR_LOG (GL.FCL) may be accessed for review of by performing a query. This table logs any additions or changes to the following information: Company - Key Year – Key Period – Key Sequence or Unique identifier - Key Entry type – C = created, R = reset, D = deleted Entry date – System date Entry time – System time Entry operator – 3-digit operator code New start date New end date New period description Old start date Old end date Old period description