Reset Fiscal Calendar - Field Descriptions

Use the table below for reference when completing the fields on this screen.




  • Select the fiscal year you want to make changes to and click this button to open the Edit Fiscal Year window. Here you can review the current fiscal year settings and make changes to the number of periods and period start and end dates in the New fiscal settings portion of the screen. The system will assume that no periods overlap one another across all years, so an End date may not be the same or greater than the End date of the previous period.

  • Only if the fiscal year being edited is the earliest year set up in the fiscal calendar will the operator will be allowed to make changes to the period 1 Start date field (in order to adjust the beginning date of the first fiscal year).

Fiscal year #Periods Start date

  • The list of existing fiscal years, # of periods per fiscal year (usually 12 or 13), and start date of the fiscal year displays in these columns.

First period

  • The names of the first period (month) of each fiscal year display.

End date

  • The last day of the last month of the fiscal years display. Dates are always entered in Spectrum with six digits and no other characters: January 31, 2020 is entered as "013120" and years automatically displays as "01/31/20" when you press Enter.

  • Example 1: If the fiscal year runs from January through December and the first year is 2020, the first fiscal period-end date should be 01/31/20; the 31st is the last day of the first month of 2020.

  • Care should be taken when designating the correct date for your fiscal calendar.

Last period

  • The names of the last period (month) of each fiscal year display.


  • If a fiscal year has been revised, the word Yes will display in this column; otherwise this column will be clear.