Updating a Job's Division to a New G/L Department

If your Job Cost Installation screen is set to validate job division with a specified G/L department code, use this procedure to update the job division to a new G/L department.

  1. On the Menu System screen, click Admin > Installation > Job Cost > Properties.
  2. If the Validate job division with G/L department check box is selected, proceed to step 3. If this field is not selected, click OK; you have completed your G/L account code update.
  3. On the Menu System screen, click Job Cost > Maintenance > Job.
  4. At the Job number field, enter the job number for the G/L job division you are updating, and then press Enter twice.
  5. At the Division field, enter the new division code for this job, and then click OK.
  6. Repeat steps 3 - 5 for each job division code you are updating.
    Note: If you are validating the job division (per step 2), you may need to add new PR departments. (On the Menu System screen, click General Ledger > Maintenance > Departments.)