The Payroll module automates the complete process of preparing payroll checks, filing payroll tax returns, and charging labor to jobs.

Spectrum's Payroll module not only tracks the direct cost of labor, but it calculates all of the employer taxes, union benefits, fringe benefits, and allocation of other overhead, such as G & A expenses, small tools, and hours of equipment usage. The time card entry allows unlimited job and phase distributions with multiple pay rates per employee and per union. Certified payroll, multiple pay rates, multiple states, and multiple unions are all supported by this module. All employer burdens are calculated automatically and may be charged to jobs.

A virtually unlimited number and variety of individual payroll requirements are available. Garnishments, 401(k)s, cafeteria plans, and employee purchases are some examples. Deductions, add-ons, and tax effects are user-defined for maximum flexibility. The Payroll Reports menu provides a detailed history of all transactions.

The Payroll module is integrated with the following Spectrum modules: Accounts Payable, Cash Management, Equipment Control, Equipment Tracking, Confidential Payroll, General Ledger, Human Resources, Job Cost, Preventive Maintenance, Project Management, Time + Material, and Work Order. In addition, Payroll is integrated with Document Imaging to scan and retrieve employee documents and time cards.