Clear Check Transfer

The Clear Check Transfer screen is used to clear unprinted layoff checks.

  • To proceed with the clear, click the Clear button. The Proceed with clear window appears. (If the layoff check has NOT been transferred, a warning message will display and you will be given the option to return to the screen to print/transfer the check or you can clear the check without printing/transferring it.)

  • Click the OK button to clear the entered information from the software; or click the Cancel button to exit without printing or deleting. Because unprinted layoff checks remain on file, it is normally advisable to print and retain this report. However, after the layoff check calculation, you can then choose to print the check immediately.

The layoff check deductions will be saved, so they do not need to be re-entered in Payroll Adjustment Entry. If a layoff check is called up in the Pre-Time Card Entry, Time Card Entry, or Check Adjustment Entry screen no changes will be allowed to the earnings, taxes, or deductions.