Pre-Time Card Import Errors

Use this summary screen to make any necessary corrections before proceeding to import the information into Pre-Time Card Entry.

Pay rate information will default based on the current Payroll processing date.

To make corrections to an erroneous pre-time card entry, highlight a line and double-click, or click the Edit button, to open thePre-Time Card Import Errors Window.

Hierarchy for charge rates:

If applicable, this rate information will default the amount set up in the Job-Specific Equipment Charge Rates screen. If no job-specific record is found (or rate is blank), the system will determine if this job is a sub job of a master job and use the job-specific rate from the master job. If there is no job-specific rate for the job or master job, the system will read for the standard job rate of the equipment code.

Note: If there are errors in the import of a salaried employee's pre-time cards (for example, if some imported data is invalid), these records will be quarantined in this screen for viewing. These records appear in the log for information only; corrections are not allowed. The pre-time cards can be deleted, and the correct pre-time cards should be added manually in Pre-Time Card Entry.

SDX Time Entry Workbook