Layoff Check Display

The Layoff Check Display screen is used to review the information entered in the Layoff Check Entry screen before printing, and it allows you to make any necessary changes to the calculated Federal income tax deduction, FICA, SDI, worker's compensation deductions, and other deductions.

You can also print a layoff check showing the desired deduction amounts and then transfer these amounts to Pre-Time Card Entry and the pay cycle.

If you make changes to any of the calculated amounts and then exit this screen without transferring, the new amounts will be lost. In this case, you will need to re-enter the override amounts if you choose to transfer at a later time.

While the software will validate the 'direct cost' settings during Layoff Check Calculation, it is important to note that the user is responsible for proper setup of add-on codes--including 'calculation methods', 'paid to employee on paycheck' settings, and the associated G/L accounts.