Layoff Check Entry

The Layoff Check Entry screen is used any time you want to calculate a paycheck outside of the regular pay cycle.

When time card information is entered, the software will then calculate taxes, dues, deductions and add-ons, subject-to wages, and the final check dollar amount using the work date specified on the main screen. For any time card line that has no work date, the period end date specified in the heading section of the main screen is used. With this information, a manual check can be written. It may help to think of this feature as a calculator.

The Layoff Check Entry screen is similar to the Time Card Entry screens. Minor differences do exist between the two screens, however, such as a batch code assigned to each line of time card entry. Data entered through this screen is for informational purposes only, and does not automatically update to employee records. If necessary, it can be transferred to Pre-Time Card Entry and from there used in a regular pay cycle as a manual check. When this feature is used, the deductions will also be saved for the manual check, so the figures won't need to be re-entered during Payroll Adjustment Entry.

Check Calculation includes calculations based on the Payroll formula variables that are available in the Payroll > Formula File Maintenance screen.

This screen consists of two parts, which display in succession: Layoff Check Entry (shown below) and Layoff Check Display. When Time Card Entry is complete, select OK. Calculations will be made, and then displayed on the Layoff Check Display.

The screen also has an option for immediately typing an instant check onto the standard payroll check stock before exiting the screen. Select the New button to open the Layoff Check Entry window to add new layoff check lines.

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