Layoff Check Entry Window

Use this window to add new layoff check lines or to edit existing layoff check lines.

As entries are completed in this window, they will display in the columns on the Layoff Check Entry starting screen.

If errors occur during data entry, a warning message will display and a View Error Messages button will appear on the lower right of the window. Click this button to open the Error For Current Record window and review the specific error message for the problematic field. To make corrections to the field, simply double-click the error message line or click OK to return to the Layoff Check Entry window and make your changes there.

A Meter button displays if you enter an equipment pay type and valid equipment code, and have security access to the Equipment Control > Meter Reading Transaction Entry screen. Click this button to open the Meter Readings window and enter meter readings for the specified equipment.

Note Regarding 'Direct work order cost' departments:

If the Department is a 'Direct work order cost' department, the following fields will appear in place of the existing fields in the screen below. If the time card line originated in Work Order > Labor Hours Entry, or the time card has already been selected for billing in Work Order > Labor Hours Entry, these fields will be display-only.