Layoff Check Print

The Layoff Check Print screen is used to print layoff checks.

Employees who normally receive auto-deposit checks will receive an actual check when Layoff Check Print is used.

For checks with add-on or deduction year-to-date balances, the software will display these balances on each check, even if there is no add-on or deduction on the current check. If there are more add-ons and deductions than will fit on the pay stub, the additional amounts will be summarized under the classification of OTHER. Benefit totals will be obtained from the Payroll Time Off Bank Log Table using the check date for 'YTD Earned'.

State Disability Insurance (SDI) and Resident Worker's Compensation amounts will be listed separately on this report.

Note: If the 'Display accumulated balance on paycheck?' option is selected in the New/Edit Deduction/Add-on Code - Properties screen, the accumulated balance will display in the 'Add-ons' and 'Deductions' boxes instead of the Year To Date amounts.

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