Gross Pay Adjustments Window

Use this window to enter any deductions or add-ons that will be included in the employee gross pay calculations.

This window only displays if the Calculation method field in Deduction / Add-on Code Maintenance is set to Percent of Gross Amount.

This window is typically used when an add-on calculation is included in gross for the purpose of "% of gross" deductions or add-ons. For example, in certain deductions like 401(k) %, users must see how all add-ons affect the gross before any dollars can be deducted. The pay check itself will NOT add these add-on codes to gross; it will only be used in the calculation for the 401(k) %.

Note: Any deductions or add-ons that have gross pay adjustments set up cannot be entered in the Union File Maintenance or Non-Union Pay Group File Maintenance screens. Likewise, if a gross pay adjustment is set up for a deduction or add-on that has already been entered for union or pay groups, the software will print a warning and ignore these adjustments.