Layoff Check Transfer

The Layoff Check Transfer screen is used to transfer layoff checks to Pre-Time Card Entry screen.

  • To proceed with the transfer, click the Transfer button. The Proceed with transfer window appears.

  • Click the OK button to transfer the information, including any Automatic Retro Pay records, to Pre-Time Card Entry. Layoff checks that have a check number that is already present in the Pre-Time Card file, the Time Card file, the Check Reconciliation file or the employee's earnings history file will not transfer to Pre-Time Card Entry.

    No changes or deletions can be made to the layoff check's time card once it has been transferred to Pre-Time Card Entry or Time Card Entry.

    This transfer will additionally record Work order, Site equipment, Component, Contract and Billing rate information in the new Pre-Time Card Entry when specified in the layoff check detail table.

    When the time card line is associated with a 'Direct work order cost' department, the update will associate this pre-time card transaction (and any associated add-on and burden costs) with a future Work Order labor billing transaction.