Set Payroll Cycle

Use this screen to set the parameters for a new payroll.

This feature removes quantity and time card information pertaining to the last Payroll cycle, and resets the Auto Deposit Cycle status to blank. If this function is selected during a payroll cycle, a warning message displays a list of actions you must take before you can continue. For example, if time cards were entered and then Payroll was cleared, all time-card information would be cleared although people have not yet been paid. However, if the wrong week's time cards were entered, the cycle could be conveniently cleared to restart the Payroll cycle.

  • After clearing the files used during the cycle, the new cycle is initiated and time cards are created automatically if specified during Set Payroll Cycle.

  • Another option is to continue with the current payroll cycle while resetting the parameters. Selecting this option will open the Reset Payroll Cycle window where you select whether to clear entries in progress and start a new payroll cycle, or continue the existing cycle but reset parameters. If the Automatic cycle checkbox is selected, a warning message displays.

    A Pay Cycle Calendar is available to track all period end and check dates. When you set the pay cycle, the next unused period end date will automatically display for entry. When a date that has already been used is entered, a warning informs you that this cycle has already been used (but you may continue). This helps in organizing payroll weeks and ensures that the correct dates are used for payroll processing. An installation prompt asks you whether or not the pay cycle calendar will be used. The Pay Cycle Calendar Maintenance screen is available for setting this calendar up in the software.

    Spectrum will not allow you to run a payroll cycle in a new calendar year without first performing the clear year end procedure that will reset the employee year-to-date earnings, tax, and other payroll balances to zero.