Time Card Entry

The Time Card Entry screen and associated screens are used to enter detailed time cards for all employees.

Time Card Entry is normally the first step in processing payroll after a payroll cycle has been set. During Time Card Entry, hours can be distributed to various unions, departments, jobs, and worker's compensation classifications. The hierarchy for determining the worker's compensation code will default with phase as the primary determinant, followed by job, department, wage code/union and employee file, respectively.

  • Entry methods: A variety of entry methods may be used within a pay cycle. For example, entry may be done by job for most information, then by employee for additional time, salaried employees and void checks. After all time has been entered, the Time Card Edit List should be reviewed for accuracy, and then the payroll may be calculated.

    Time Card Entry prevents users from editing or deleting a time card line that has been approved through Workflow. It will still be possible to add new time card lines in order to make last-minute Payroll changes, but approved time cards are 'locked'.

  • Pay rates: Any pre-scheduled pay rate adjustments and union contract changes defined in Employees, Union File Maintenance, or Wage Code File Maintenance will default as they are scheduled. Time Card Entry will automatically refigure pay rates when any field that affects the default rate is changed.

  • Zero dollar checks: Spectrum allows you to prepare a paycheck for an employee for zero ($0.00) dollars of gross pay. For example, you can pay an employee an add-on without having to also include earnings in the time card file. It is also possible to issue a zero ($0.00) net check; the software automatically produces a VOID check when gross pay less deductions is exactly zero.

Once the header information is completed, click New to open the Time Card Entry window enter new time card lines. If you are adding a pre-time card or regular time card entry and add an employee, job, or phase on the fly, make sure the time card line is fully completed in order to save the newly-added record.

Note regarding Time Card Approval Workflow

If the 'Allow override operator to modify approved time cards' option was selected in the Time Card Approval Workflow, approved time cards can be edited or deleted if the current user is an override operator.

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