Pre-Time Card Entry by Job

During Pre-Time Card Entry, hours may be distributed to various unions, departments, jobs, and worker's compensation classifications.

Pre-Time Card Entry may be done by employee, by job, or by quantity. Quantities other than payroll hours may also be entered at this time. A variety of entry methods can be used within a pay cycle. For example, entry can be done by job for most information, then by employee for additional time, salaried employees and void checks.

A Meter button displays if you enter an equipment pay type and valid equipment code, and have security access to the Equipment Control > Meter Reading Transaction Entry screen. Click this button to open the Meter Readings window and enter meter readings for the specified equipment.

As entries are completed in the Pre-Time Card Entry Window, the data will display in the columns on the Pre-Time Card Entry by Job grid.

Note regarding Time Card Approval Workflow

If the Allow override operator to modify approved time cards option was selected in the Time Card Approval Workflow, approved time cards can be edited or deleted if the current user is an override operator.

Note regarding Related Taxes

If related tax codes have been set up for the employee code, the related tax codes will automatically be created on entry by job.