Attached Equipment window

This window only displays when a transaction for pay type ER, EO, ED, or EU is added and the software has determined that the equipment code assigned to the time card entry line has one or more active attachments (and the Automatically add transactions for attached equipment checkbox is clear in the Equipment Control Installation - Properties screen).

Use this window to finalize the list of attached equipment transactions that should be generated during the update. The time card lines created for attachments are assigned the same data as the source time card line.

How to Use This Window

  • Select a record or records and click the Delete button to remove attached equipment that do not apply to the current equipment transaction prior to performing the update.

  • If an attached piece of equipment has attachments of its own, then each attached code will also generate transaction entries.

  • If all of the attached equipment codes listed are applicable to the current entry, simply click OK and the additional time card records will be generated for all displayed equipment.