Pre-Time Card Entry Window - Field Work Order Cost Fields

Use the table below for reference when completing the fields on this screen.

Existing fields

Direct work order cost fields


Work order

Entry of a work order with a 'Completed' status or a 'Job' work order will be disallowed. If the work order # is changed, the rest of the work order fields must be re-validated before this screen can be saved.


Site equipment

Entry of a valid equipment code is required if the Require equipment code for work order transactions is selected in Work Order Installation. A warning will display if the Operator enters an inactive code, but entry will be permitted.

Cost type


Entry of a valid component code is required if the 'Require component code for work order transactions' is selected in Work Order Installation.


Co. equipment

This field will only be enabled if the Pay type is ER, EO, ED or EU.

Cost category


This field will be hidden if the Service Contract module is not present, or if Service Contract is present but no contract exists for the equipment/component combination. If a contract is specified in the work order header, this contract # will default if valid for the equipment/component.