Quick Hours Entry

Quick Hours Entry is the fastest way to enter certified time by day, especially if the employee works on the same phase all week.

Use this window to enter in the employee's entire work week hours (regular, overtime, and double time) at one time. The work date associated with the hours will be used by default to determine the pay rate. As soon as you exit this screen, the time card line is finished and new lines are automatically created for each of the quick entry days you completed.

Note: The incentive pay fields display only if the pay type (Pt) entered in the main screen is an incentive pay type. When incentive pay codes are used, the higher of the incentive pay rate and the standard pay rate will be used to calculate the employee's pay. If incentive pay codes are used and a rounding issue results, the software will adjust the pay rate slightly by adding the rounding amount to the incentive pay amount in the last line item.