Entering Incentive Pay

Use the Quick Hours Entry window to set up the incentive pay rates for an employee. When incentive pay codes are used, the higher of the incentive pay rate and the standard pay rate will be used to calculate the employee's pay.

  • After entering the regular, overtime, and/or double time hours in the Quick Hours Entry window, press Enter to proceed to the Incentive pay field.

  • Enter the incentive pay amount to be allocated among the hours you just entered, or double-click on this field to display the Incentive Pay Calculation window.

  • If you choose to use the Incentive Pay Calculation window, enter the incentive units (for example, the units may be the number of post holes dug).

  • Enter the incentive rates (continuing with the same example, this would be the number of dollars per post hole completed).

  • The software automatically calculates the units x rate amount and determines the incentive pay total.

  • If this amount is correct, click OK to return to the Quick Hours Entry window.

  • Click Yes, create time card lines to return to the main screen and view the entries. Lines created using the incentive pay method will display with an asterisk (or whatever incentive pay character was chosen). These new line items will be processed in the same way that any standard pay line item would be processed.