Replacement Check Entry

Use this screen to re-issue a lost Payroll check, manual check, or auto-deposit check without having to manually void and re-enter a new check (providing a corresponding void entry does not already exist in the earnings history file for the same check number).

When you enter the original check number for the employee, the software will automatically create a voided check and assign a new manual check number, so you do not need to copy any data from the original check. The software will validate the employee and original check number with the Cash Management module (if installed) or the check reconciliation file in order to make sure the check has not been cashed or voided. The new check is flagged as a replacement check and will calculate exactly the same as the original check for gross pay, add-on amounts, deduction amounts, and tax amounts. Year-to-date totals will be current (updated) year-to-date totals.

For checks with add-on or deduction year-to-date balances, the software will display these balances on each check, even if there is no add-on or deduction on the current check. If there are more add-ons and deductions than will fit on the pay stub, the additional amounts will be summarized under the classification of OTHER. Benefit totals will be obtained from the Payroll Time Off Bank Log Table using the check date for 'YTD Earned'.

State Disability Insurance (SDI) and Resident Worker's Compensation amounts will be listed separately on this report.

Important: The replacement check should be run in it's own payment cycle. If the replacement check is processed with other checks, it creates a combination of the previous week's auto deposit file and the current week's auto deposit amount in Cash Management, which leaves them out of balance.

Information Flow

After the replacement check fields have been recorded, the Preview and Export buttons can be used to update to Pre-Time Card Entry. An Update to Pre-Time Card Entry window allows you to Continue or Reprint (which returns you to the main screen and a Delete button becomes available).

  • Manual replacement checks and their void counterpart time card lines are given a non-certified status, even if the original check was for certified work. This assures that only one check appears on the Certified Payroll Report for the work performed, even if the replacement check is issued with the same check date as the original, or is processed weeks or months later.
  • When Void checks for auto-deposit checks are created in this screen, the Cash in bank G/L account code (specified in Payroll Installation or Cash Management Installation) is the Automatic deposit liability G/L account code (specified in Payroll Installation).
  • If the Cash Management module is installed and the Post payroll transactions check box is selected in Cash Management Installation, then a Bank account field is available on this screen and the check number window displays based on the bank account entry instead of the default bank account.
    Note: If the 'Display accumulated balance on paycheck?' option is selected in the New/Edit Deduction/Add-on Code - Properties screen, the accumulated balance will display in the 'Add-ons' and 'Deductions' boxes instead of the Year To Date amounts.