The Employees screen is used to maintain employee information necessary for payroll processing and personnel management.

The list box on the main screen can be sorted by column. The YE Alerts column will display warnings for any terminated employees that need to be purged at the end of the year, or employees missing a social security number. The number of employee records that appear on this screen can be limited on the Operator Preferences screen.

If you have security rights to add employees, click the New button to open the New Employee window. Otherwise, click the Edit button to open the selected employee in the Employee Main Properties screen. Click the E-Mail button to initiate an email to the selected employee.

Important: Before entering employee information, the following codes should already be set up: Worker's Comp Code Maintenance, required; Department Expense Maintenance, required; Supervisor Code Maintenance, optional; Vac, Hol, and Sick Control Maintenance, optional; Wage Code File Maintenance, optional; Union File Maintenance, optional; Tax Table Maintenance (U.S. and resident state required, and work states - optional). These codes can be set up from their associated screens on the Maintenance menu.


Main Properties

Personal Information

Pay Rates

Tax Setup

Auto Deposit

Recurring Deductions/Add-ons

Time Off Bank

Pay Group Rates


Employee User-Defined Fields


Financial Summary

Earnings History

Human Resources

Employee Benefits

Employee Change Log

Employee Civil/Legal/Other

Employee Drug and Alcohol Testing

Employee FMLA

Employee Dependents

Employee Insurance Coverage

Employee Item Tracking

Employee Medical / Insurance Log

Employee Reviews

Employee Safety / OSHA

Employee Training / Certifications





Pre-Time Card Entry

Time Card Entry

Replacement Check Entry

Layoff Check Entry


Add-on History Report

Benefit Management Report

Deduction History Report

Employee Drug and Alcohol Report

Employee Earnings History Report

Employee Listing

Employee Master Report

Recurring Deduction / Add-on Listing

Wage and Tax History Report

Time Card History Report