Employee Entities

Payroll Managers can use this screen to designate which entities are authorized for each employee.

This screen lets managers define recurring deductions and add-ons and time off bank settings to be used during payrolls for the particular entity. The software also supports a 'blank' entity for 'main company operations', and each new employee is set up to be paid from this entity. The Payroll Manager can then authorize additional entities for the employee when applicable, as well as disallowing payment from the 'main company'.
Note: This screen only displays if cost centers are set to Yes or Pending in the current company and if the Entity tracking checkbox is selected in Enterprise Installation.
To get started:
  • Click New to open the Authorize New Entity window.
  • The Employee code for the employee in context displays. Select the Entity you want to associate with this employee and decide if the employee will be authorized for payment from this entity.