Employee Recurring Deductions/Add-ons

The Employee Recurring Deduction / Add-ons screen is used to specify which add-on or deductions should be applied to each employee.

This screen is used primarily for recurring types of deductions (for example, health insurance and 401(k) amounts).

If the employee has payroll deductions and the Print separate remittance advice checkbox is selected in the Accounts Payable Installation screen, the remarks and deduction amount(s) display on the remittance advice created by A/P Check Print.

If the add-on calculation method is set to one of the 'by time card' options, the four 'Limit' columns will be disabled for these methods, with the exception of the 'Fixed Amount by Time Card' option. Recurring add-ons set up to calculate 'by time card' will produce time cards lines for employees.

Important: This screen can be used only to record recurring deduction and add-on codes that are not associated with direct cost G/L codes. Deductions and add-ons related to jobs and equipment must be recorded in Pre-Time Card Entry or Time Card Entry screen instead.
Note: Select Switch at any time to display a different employee.