Time Card Entry Fields Window

Use this window to determine which fields will be automatically skipped during data entry--as long as there is a valid default for the field.

Select the checkboxes for the items you wish to skip, and clear the checkboxes for any items you want to enter every time. The company default will be used for any skipped items, unless operator-specific overrides exist for the skipped fields.

After establishing which fields will be skipped, the next time you begin to enter a time card line, your cursor will move to the first field without a default. You still can access any of the fields in this window by pressing Shift + Tab or clicking on the field with your mouse.



Use company default settings

Select this checkbox if you want to use the company default settings to determine which fields will appear in the data entry window; otherwise leave this checkbox clear and use the checkboxes below to exclude specific fields from the data entry window.

Skip if valid default

Select the checkboxes for those fields you do NOT want to require completion of in the data entry window.

Any fields that are selected for exclusion can still be accessed by placing your mouse cursor in the field or by using the Shirt + Tab buttons on your keyboard.