Payroll Installation - Printing

Use this tab to select the default printing settings for the Payroll module.

These settings can be changed as needed at any time.



Use Accounts Payable check sequence?

The software is prompting for you to decide whether to utilize a single check sequence for both A/P and Payroll checks. If this field is selected, then the Payroll checks will use the AP check sequence; and check reconciliation for both A/P and Payroll may be done in the Accounts Payable system.
  • If this checkbox is not selected, separate check sequences will be used for A/P and Payroll checks.
  • Entry in this field is irrelevant if Cash Management is present on the software and checks are posted from Payroll to that module.

Show employee title on certified reports?

If you select this checkbox, the software will always use the title from Employees as the wage description on the certified report. The user may want this option if no employees work across wage categories during a certified job.

Leaving this check box blank means the software will allow your employees to be reported under different wage categories and the full wage description will print from one of the nine levels in the union file or from the wage code description if wage codes are used.

If pay groups are used, then the title on the Certified Payroll Report will always print from the pay group file.

Use plain paper for auto deposit check stub?

Selecting this checkbox will stop the software between printing the regular checks and auto-deposit stubs, allowing you to insert plain paper. If you do not select this checkbox, the software will print the auto-deposit checks as void check stubs at the same time regular checks are printed.

Next check number

  • If the Use Accounts Payable check sequence checkbox is not selected and you are using the Payroll check sequence, you can enter the next check number.
  • If the Use Accounts Payable check sequence checkbox is not selected and you are using the Payroll check sequence, you can enter the next check number.

Next auto-deposit check number

Electronic paychecks can have a numbering sequence separate from printed checks. Enter the number of the next electronic check. Spectrum automatically precedes these check numbers with an E. The software automatically rolls forward to F after running through 99999 checks.

Use secure download page for electronic files?

Select this checkbox if your company requires secure download of ACH files. When selected, only users with a security level of 9 will be able to access the download page.

Print checks sorted by

Select a sort option:
  • Employee code
  • Alpha reference
  • Job/alpha

Incentive pay

Hide incentive pay rate?

Select this checkbox to hide the incentive pay rate on this check stub.

Override standard description?

Select this checkbox to override the standard description for the incentive pay rate.


Enter a new description for the incentive pay, if applicable. This checkbox displays only if the Override standard description checkbox is selected on the Payroll Installation > Printing tab.

Paycheck options

Print accrued hours?

Select whether to print accrued vacation, holiday and sick hours on payroll checks.

Resident state disability insurance abbreviation

Enter the state disability insurance abbreviation for your state in this field.

All other disability insurance abbreviation

Enter any other disability insurance abbreviation in this field.