A/P Invoice Details - Field Descriptions

Use the table below for reference when completing the fields on this screen.




The vendor code defaults from Deduction Code Maintenance. Entries in this screen supersede the Deduction Maintenance vendor. If no vendor code is recorded in either screen, but the checkbox is selected, no AP invoice will be created. A warning message will print on the Deduction Report alerting the reader that no invoice will be created unless a vendor code is recorded prior to update.

Add-on codes not paid to the employee on the paycheck, such as employer-matching 401(k), will create invoices in Accounts Payable. Add-on codes paid to employees do not transfer to AP at all. Voided checks create credit memos in AP.

Short remarks

If separate a remittance advice is not desired, then the short description only should be used.

Extended remarks

If the extended remarks fields are used, a separate remittance advice will be generated for each employee when the accounts payable check is created.