Deduction / Add-on Code Maintenance - Cost Center Information

If the Enterprise Installation option to use cost centers is set to Yes or Pending for this company, the Deduction/Add-on Code Maintenance screen includes a tab for Cost Center Sharing.

This tab provides a checkbox to indicate whether the code is available for all cost centers, or a specified list. If the Available in all checkbox is unselected, a paging list is provided to enter applicable cost centers and a Build sub-window is also available to automate the setup.

When a new deduction/add-on code is added, you may assign any active cost centers, including ones that you will not be authorized for future access.

When editing, viewing, or deleting deduction/add-on codes, Spectrum compares the deduction's list of shared cost centers with cost centers in your operator's assigned cost center scheme, and if there are no common cost centers, then that deduction/add-on code does not display.