Designating which G/L Account to Debit for Equipment Usage

Follow these steps to designate a G/L debit account for Equipment Usage (EU).

  • Printing a copy of the G/L Chart of Accounts Listing.

  • On the Site Map screen, click Payroll > Maintenance > Department Expense.

  • Select the department code and direct cost flag for the accounts you will be charging equipment usage to jobs during the Time card Entry.

  • At the Equipment usage field, designate which G/L account code to debit for equipment usage, or press F4 or double-click on this field to select from a list of available G/L account codes. Click OK.

    Note: This G/L account code should have the Job cost option selected in the Direct Cost section in the G/L Master File Maintenance screen. To view your G/L Chart of Accounts, on the Site Map screen, click General Ledger > Maintenance > Master File > Listing. On the Chart of Accounts Listing screen, click Preview or Print.