Electronic File Table Maintenance

Use this screen to define a ASCII text file export for Payroll employee and tax information.

You can set up your own master files, comprised of an unlimited number of individual electronic data files. For example, you can create 401(k) text files, unemployment text files, worker's compensation text files, and any other third party files that might be required (using Payroll information). You can also determine whether the text file will be a delimited or fixed length file format, what period type will be used, and what variables you want to define. Each line, or Sequence, on this screen represents a different field or space in the text file.

The Payroll information that will be available to you when setting up your user-defined table includes all the information from the employee file, the check history file, the state history file, and partial information from several other files, including: the company file, the Payroll deduction/add-on file, the income tax table file, and so forth.